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With over thirty years of combined experience, our attorneys have a formidable amount of experience to draw from and apply to each individual case. As certified apecialists in criminal law, their trial experience, training, and documented record of accomplishments far exceed that of most criminal defense lawyers in the state and in the country. They are among the few, elite criminal defense lawyers nationally ranked with an AV rating. Not only are our attorneys highly distinguished and deeply experienced criminal defense lawyers, they also both began their careers as Deputy District and City Attorneys. This time spent prosecuting everything from traffic tickets to murder cases uniquely suits our attorneys to effectively handling your case. They know exactly how the prosecution thinks and can build a case to protect you from a prosecutor's aggressive strategies.

At Law Offices of Paul Grech, we take immense pride in defending clients in situations in which the whole world seems to have turned against them. We will apply our talent and outstanding knowledge of criminal law to helping you through this very difficult time. Drug crimes can permanently alienate you from your family and the rest of the world by burdening you with a criminal record, straining your finances with fines, and endangering your chances of finding a good job. We are here to protect your rights and minimize any consequences that may befall you as a result of drug charges.

Drug Offenses: Practice Areas

It is no secret that the consequences associated with drug crimes can be severe and unforgiving. Prosecutors, law enforcement officers, and judges all take strong stances in regards to the treatment of suspected offenders. Often times this unforgiving attitude can translate very easily into unfair treatment and a disregard for the potential offender's rights. With this in mind, it is absolutely essential to seek the guidance and protection of a skilled and knowledgeable drug crimes attorney to defend your liberties.

One of the most common drug crimes in California is that of possession of drugs. This is usually charged as a felony, unless there was a large amount in your possession. If there was more than would be used for individual use, you could be charged with drug possession with intent to sell or distribute. If you were charged with drug cultivation, drug manufacturing, smuggling, trafficking, distribution, or transportation, you could be facing felony charges. As these cases usually involve a large quantity of drugs crossing state lines and country borders, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Drug Enforcement Administration usually investigate these cases. They have a considerable more amount of manpower and resources, making it necessary for you to retain the services of a strong legal advocate. In California, marijuana is allowable for medical reasons. However, you could be prosecuted for marijuana cultivation and will need an attorney knowledgeable in marijuana defense. We have experience in every type of drug crime, from driving under the influence of drugs to prescription fraud.

Do not entrust your future to inadequate legal representation. Our firm stands at the top, and with our unparalleled knowledge, skill, and experience, we can help ensure you are treated fairly and receive the outcome best suited to your situation.

Contact a Riverside drug crime attorney if you stand accused of a drug crime.

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