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Facing Drug Trafficking Charges?

Drug trafficking generally includes the manufacturing, transporting and distribution of quantities of drugs. California is well known as an area active in moving different drugs between Mexico and the United States. All levels of law enforcement, including local police, the FBI and the DEA work around the clock to apprehend anyone suspected of being involved in drug crimes. If you are being investigated or have been charged with trafficking or conspiracy in drug trafficking you need a savvy Riverside drug defense attorney who will work tirelessly in your defense.

Drug Trafficking Lawyer in Riverside

The charge of drug trafficking is a serious one. Prosecutors become very determined to obtain convictions in these cases. The severity of the penalties you face will depend upon the type of drug or drugs and the quantities involved. Your prior record will also be a factor, especially if you have previously been convicted of trafficking. Law enforcement investigators may have put in a great deal of time gathering evidence before making an arrest. Defending this kind of case raises complex issues, so the earlier we are brought in the more time we will have to investigate and develop a powerful defense. A drug trafficking defense lawyer with our firm has been certified by the State Bar as a Specialist in Criminal Law and has years of experience as a prosecutor which makes us eminently qualified to give you the guidance and assertive defense you need to fight a drug trafficking charge.

When a client comes to us, we understand how overwhelming the threat of prison can be. We listen carefully to your facts and then begin work to gather further information for your defense. A resourceful drug defense lawyer with our firm has numerous legal tools to use during any negotiations with prosecutors as well as during trial in order to achieve a favorable resolution. Call Law Offices of Paul Grech to find out what we can do to help you.

Contact a Riverside Drug Trafficking Attorney with our firm for deft and aggressive representation.

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